Are you tired of not getting pregnant?

Are you tired of seeing the damn one line on your pregnancy test?

Do you hate all the medical procedures?

Are you looking with jealousy at pregnant women or these with  pram?

Are you worrying that you will never become a mother?

Have you ever noticed that there are only two types of creatures that struggle with infertility (as well as depression, cancer, diabetes, obesity)? Only two types of creatures: human, and animals kept by us. 

There are no wild animal, living in its natural environment that has such a problem.


Infertility is just a sign you went far from the nature. But the good news is you can always come back!

It is possible, because your wise body has a natural ability for self healing. You just have to stop sabotaging it, especially with your food and with your thoughts and emotions. Every piece of food you put into your mouth starts a domino effect in your body, in your hormones system. It can destroy your health, make you sick, sterile, even kill you in time. Every thought you think and every emotion you feel can keep you in infertility.

But it can also heal you. I will teach you how. 


For women struggling with getting pregnant and with miscarriage problems - especially with hormonal or unidentified infertility, as well as women preparing for insemination or in vitro fertility.


what you get.jpg

When you sign up to work with me you receive:


  • Ten 50 minute deep healing sessions with Joanna (sessions take place via Skype)
  • Customized meal plan based on your lab test results balancing your hormones and increasing your fertility
  • Natural supplements list that will skyrocket your fertility
  • Healing your past trauma
  • Working on your sabotaging thoughts and believe system to reduce stress and anxiety level, to help you in getting pregnant and avoid miscarriage 
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • BONUS (aka "side effect"): increasing happiness and weight loss

+ your strong commitment to do the work!

* payment plan available upon request


  • Send me an email 
  • As a response I will ask you few questions about your ttc journey
  • If we are good match I will send you a link to your payment
  • Within 72 hours I will send you a list of lab tests I want you to do 
  • After receiving your lab test results I will prepare a meals plan and send you a link to my calendar to schedule our first session 

Send me an email: