Are you tired of not getting pregnant?

Constant stressed and anxious?

Confused about all the informations around fertility, supplements, best foods, forbidden foods, etc.?

Hate to hear about women getting pregnant not even trying (or trying NOT to get pregnant!)?


I know! I've been there!


And I know I can help you! Fast. Pain free :)

I'm so confident, because I've seen this so many times before. And I've experience this myself.

I am multiple pregnancy loss surviver. So I know the pain. I know the struggle. Now I am happy mother of wonderful son. And I'm helping women all over the world to overcome stress, anxiety, heal past trauma and balance hormone system. And finally get pregnant!


Till now I was only working with women 1:1. 


This is great way to heal. To teach you how to reset hormones, how to balance them, how to heal anxiety and stress, how to stay calm during two week wait, how to prepare body, mind and soul to IVF or IUI. How to heal all the past trauma. To help you understand why this is not happening yet... on body level, and on a soul level... 

I love this job, and I love working 1:1...

but it requires a lot of commitment (especially time and energy), and I am accepting only few new 1:1 clients a month.

And I want to help a lot of women. 

So here is a solution:


A group coaching + healing online workshop!

Lowest price ever!



I'll tell you everything I know, everything I can pack up in two hours.


Not only what food are good for your hormones, but in what order to eat them!

How your energy affect your hormones. How to work with your energy.

How to stay calm in the storm of infertility journey.

I will even do a healing session during the workshop! So we will start a process of healing all your painful past!


What is the price?


My coaching package is almost $400 per hour. My healing sessions are more than $200 per hour. 

But again - I wanted to make this super affordable. I know how much you have already paid for all the test / procedures / supplements. I want to help as much women as possible.

So I've decided to  

I know your suffer, and cross my heart -- I can help.

Whatever happened to you Love, I can make you feel better.


I'm so confident, because I've seen this over and over again. And I started with helping myself. I am a multiple pregnancy loss surviver and a sexual harassment victim (<-- hate that word, but it's true).

And have healed my trauma with the same method I am going to heal yours.


For women who feel emotionally stuck. 

So if you don't know what is stronger emotion - wanting to become a mother or a fear that it is not going to happened -- this is for you.

If you hate all your friends / family members that get pregnant not even trying, or even worse -- trying NOT TO get pregnant -- this is for you.

If you are trying for a quite a while and you have experienced some trauma around ttc -- this is for you.

If your past life makes you believe you don't deserve it (I'm going to tell you right now Love - this is a BS!) -- this is for you.


what you get.jpg

When you sign up to work with me you receive:


  • Three 60 minute deep healing sessions with Joanna (sessions take place via Skype)
  • Healing your past trauma
  • Working on your sabotaging thoughts and believe system to reduce stress and anxiety level, to help you in getting pregnant and avoid miscarriage 
  • Unlimited email support between sessions